Vision Communication Blueprint – Building Trust Through Communication

Did you know:

  • 90% of employees claim that their boss talks about strategy more than enough*.
  • Yet, 70% of employees in Australia claim to not understand the strategy set by their CEO**.

Employees are drowning in information, but starving for wisdom.

The answer isn’t more communication. But a different kind—the kind that sparks trust and enables work cultures to be filled, with passion, focus, and innovation, so both organisations and the people who work in them can thrive.

Yet, trust and commitment do not happen organically; they are forged and maintained through effective communication.

Providing meaningful communication that helps employees see how their contribution fits into the company and how the organisation makes an impact is a powerful enabler. It breaks through the noise and builds trust. The most important driver to high performance.

Based on our high performance model, we have devised a series of communication blueprints based on the intersection of communication, leadership and unity. Our blueprint helps leaders build or rebuild trusting relationships in their organisation.

Each blueprint improve transparency, meaning in work, a sense of purpose and action:

  1. CEO Vision Communication Blueprint – One of the areas where company leaders get stuck is that don’t have the time, or they don’t know how, to fully brief their executives on their next idea. This blueprint helps CEOs have the right information to refer to and an easy system to follow. This blueprint will enable you to clearly and easily delegate information to your executives and free you up to other tasks.
  2. Executive Communication Blueprint – Ensuring senior leadership conveys the direction and purpose are two of most important strategies for creating continuous improvement. Research studies have found that the perception of effective communication with senior management has one of the strongest effects on a company’s trust climate***. This blueprint helps executives clearly brief and inspire their direct reports, so they can understand the key areas of the new strategy and how it relates to the mission and vision. It takes out the guess work of what to say during times of change.
  3. Manager Communication Blueprint – Managers are key to customising information to each employee to help them understand how their personal contribution works towards the overall company strategy. They are the linchpin in keeping communication channels clear from leadership, thereby avoiding misunderstandings, misrepresentations and a climate of mistrust.   A managers’ ability to listen, communicate clearly, and lead had the strongest effect on employees’ organisational commitment.*** This blueprint helps managers translate the executive thinking behind the change or new initiative, so their team can understand why things are changing and how they need to redirect their efforts. It provides a clear line of sight enabling employees to understand the big picture and what’s in it for them.

The key to successful implementing a purpose-driven organisation is to train leaders, at all levels, to be able to articulate the company purpose and how it connects to the work that needs to be done.    

Building trust is more essential than ever for today’s leaders. Communication is the tool to cultivate trust.  Used wisely it builds rapport, understanding and unites everyone in the right direction. Mastering the nuances of communication produces high-trust leaders. The Communication Blueprints involve workshops and coaching among different levels of leaders within the organisation.

Corporate Culture Creator Has the Expertise and the Tools

Marie-Claire Ross of Corporate Culture Creator has been helping business leaders improve their ability to influence through communication since 1995.  Marie-Claire has helped business leaders build trust throughout their organisation through consulting, workshops, induction training programs, as well as through her book (Transform your Safety Communication) and DVD training programs.  

If you’d like to know how to make work more meaningful to your employees and to feel more emotionally connected to your organisation, call Marie-Claire on 03 9696 4400 or email the office on



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***International Journal of Business and Management, “Communication, Commitment, and Trust: Exploring the Triad,” by Rachid Zeffane, Syed Tipu, and James C. Ryan.